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Amsterdam Piano Workshop

The inauguration of our very first annual Amsterdam Piano Day was a culmination of a year of planning by Jana Neplechovitsj, Janece Milos and Sharon Lai.

Masterclasses were taught by Jenny Macmillan and Huub de Leeuw at Jana's and Heleen's lovely studios. A recording workshop lead by Janece Milos, and a Suzuki Jeopardy workshop lead by Sharon Lai were also included in the day's full programme. All the children and parents got to try their hand at assembling a grand piano keyboard, too! We ended the workshop with a beautiful concert at Vierwindenhus Zuidhal.

Special thanks to each student and their families for supporting the inaugural Amsterdam Suzuki Piano Day! We are very grateful to you for your generous contributions in making this day a success!

We'd like to thank the following supporters, without whom this workshop would not have been possible:

Heleen Verleur, our Suzuki piano colleague, for the wonderfully creative studio space, keyboard, video-recorder and piano compositions; The Motojima-van Zuijlen family for hosting Jenny Macmillan so warmly and for providing the beautiful studio space for Sharon Lai’s Suzuki Jeopardy workshop;

Sjoerd Hiryczuk for the excellent collection of lovely photos documenting some of the classes throughout the day;

Beth Margulis for so patiently transporting teachers, students and equipment to the concert hall by car after a long day; Lucas den Hartog of for the loan of the indispensable grand piano keyboard;

Master Teachers Jenny Macmillan and Huub de Leeuw for making time to teach in Amsterdam;

and all teachers who have encouraged your students to participate.

Hope to see you again next year!

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