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Timani workshop for Suzuki piano teachers

Oslo Suzuki Piano students have had workshops with Tina Margareta Nilssen to learn how to better use their bodies when playing the piano.

The first Timani workshop for Suzuki piano teachers is now scheduled for Monday, 22 April 2019 from 2 - 6pm at Timani Akademiet (map here)! You will get an analysis of your playing, and learn individualized theory and exercises to gain access to more of your physical potential when playing. Find out more about Timani here.

Preparation: A 2-minute (maximum) solo piece.

Price: NOK 1.300,-

Registration and payment deadline: Wednesday, 10th April 2019

To register for this course, please sign up here:

Teacher registration for Timani workshop

This Timani workshop forms part of the Suzuki piano Level 3 and Level 4 Teacher Training course (22nd - 26th April 2019) with Jenny Macmillan.

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