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Oslo Suzukitreff 2017

Photo credit: Vanessa Storm

96 children participated in our annual Oslo Suzukitreff 2017, a 2-day weekend workshop, culminating in a concert at Majorstuen kirke. The workshop was organised this year by the Majorstuen Suzukistrykeorkesteret, lead by Elizabeth Storm.

This is a new record with 60 violinists, 20 cellists and 15 pianists performing Longa Ryad, a special arrangement by Magnar Heimdal, in a combined Suzuki orchestra.

Sunday Walk by Eva Belvelin was also a beautiful piece that enabled new beginner pianists to perform with the orchestra!

Suzuki pianists rehearsing at Marienlyst skole.

Huge thanks go out to Marienlyst skole, Oslo Musikk- og kulturskole and most importantly, to my Suzuki piano parents for their hard work (keyboard logistics and transport) to make this event possible for their children. I could not have done this without you!

Photo credits: V. Storm & M. Agnar

Video credits: M. Agnar

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