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Children's weekend workshop with Caroline Fraser

Caroline Fraser's piano workshops are always joyful events full of learning and discovery. All the children and their parents have worked hard to prepare for their masterclasses with Caroline. In the course of their lessons over the weekend, many children discovered abilities they didn't realise they had. I hope this gives them renewed motivation, energy and resolve to persevere.

Prior to Caroline's arrival on Saturday, we played my Suzuki Jeopardy Game. Children could chose to answer questions from different categories - listening, sight-reading, performance, and music theory and general knowledge. They got to keep their music bills with pictures of different composers.

The children also performed mini concerts for each other. All the children presented themselves and performed their concert pieces beautifully and with confidence. It was such a treat to be in the audience listening to them.

Workshops are also opportunities for Suzuki families to make new friends with families from other Suzuki piano studios, and for children to experience the joy of a shared repertoire even if they do not speak the same language. I'd like to thank all my Suzuki families for helping to coordinate food and drinks for everyone during the breaks, and for creating such a welcoming environment for visitors.

In conjunction with the children's weekend workshop, Caroline also held a presentation for Suzuki parents and teachers. You can read about it here.

Next year's workshop (23-25 April 2019) will be with Jenny Macmillan. Stay tuned!

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